PM Bus Screen

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Bus Screen



The monitor developed specifically for busses gets produced in Ebbs by the company Maschinenbau Stock and is a quality product, just like all our cases for the outdoor area. A WLAN router is built in the robust screen cases, making sure that all the data gets transmitted faultlessly on screen. Because of built-in quality such as security glass the Peakmedia bus monitor is protected from vandalism and does not bear a risk of injury for passengers when falling.


More information on our quality cases can be found here.


The PM player runs without interface and therefore without errors. A firmware developed solely for the PM player communicates with the PM studio. The user can manage his playlists and entertainment channels easily via a web based software and control the entire PM player. This means plugging it in and starting immediately.


Peakmedia service covers different areas. The core of the service is the active monitoring of all systems. From installation to maintenance to 24-hour replacement service, Peakmedia provides everything a professional digital signage company needs as part of its field service.


The best software is worthless without the right content. Digital signage thrives on content. To make an attractive range of contents possible for everyone, Peakmedia offers a wealth of free content. We also develop interfaces to external databases and high-quality 3D animations according to the specifications of our customers.


The Peakmedia software displays the next bus stop via an intersection with the integrated on-board information system. It gets displayed on a reserved area of the screen, meaning that the information about the next stop will never be disturbed.

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With the WIFI router, which is integrated in the screen, a guest WIFI is available for the passangers in the bus.