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The Innsbruck Communal Companies AG is a communal infrastructure-service provider organization. The city of Innsbruck is involved with 50% and a share, while TIWAG-Tiroler Water Power AG is involved 50% minus a share. The business fields include power, water, water treatment, waste management, telecommunication, baths/saunas as well as contracting.

The system for shortening waiting times of customers, providing information to employees in offices, and advertising individual products and services in storefront windows is applied here.

In the storefront window, there is Semi-Outdoor Videowall in which 2×2 55” displays are installed. The housings are designed by the PM and constructed by the company Ziegler. The playback is made possible by a Videowallcontroller. Self-advertisement is exclusively shown on this Videowall.

For the Employee Information System (EIS) a 43” display is used, which is played with a standard player. This display can be controlled with a Click & Spin Controller.