Hospital Kufstein


BKH Kufstein Digital Signage Kinder TV
KH Kufstein

In the Kufstein District Hospital, more than 1,000 employees care for the wellness of the patients. “With each other – For each other – Healthy in Kufstein” is the motto of the Kufstein District Hospital. It was established from the 30 communities of the district and is under the administration of the “Association of Local Authority of the Kufstein District Hospital.” The hospital is therewith property of the communities and belongs to all the residents of the district.

To shorten the waiting time in the ambulance, Peakmedia Screens with info as well as entertainment content were installed. In the waiting areas for the ambulance, content that will be more interesting for the young patients is broadcasted.

The Kufstein Hospital completely foregoes foreign advertising. The content must be specially developed for it and are closely monitored due to rights of license.